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"Excellent company to deal with. Very good communication, good armco crash barrier prices and quality products." - Nick Oakland
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    The UK's leading supplier and manufacturer of Armco crash barriers

    At CT Safety Barriers, we are proud of the service that we provide to each of our customers and are focused on making sure that each barrier that we produce helps to meet our customer’s requirements and offers the required protection.

    We back this up by having our own armco production facilities and top of the range machinery on site, which means that we can keep tighter control over your order, ensuring that each tailor-made barrier system is manufactured with military precision using only the best-sourced corrugated steel.

    Contact us today online and speak a member of our expert team for qualified advice.

    ISO 9001 Certified
    OHSAS 18001 Certified

    Tailor-made Armco barriers

    Being one of the only companies in the UK that have their own ARMCO production facilities has enabled us to maintain our reputation as an industry leader. Also, being ISO 9001 certified means exceptional customer service is at the core of everything that we do.

    With decades of expertise working with armco crash barriers, we are also well placed to advise on the best solutions - something which our customers value greatly. Protecting your property is important. This is why we also provide a tried and tested armco barrier delivery and fitting service to make the entire experience as simple as possible.

    The expert insight that we provide, from advising on the most appropriate resolution for each situation, to drawing up a tailored plan that helps to achieve your objectives, has resulted in much repeat business. We have found that this, combined with being able to manufacture on site helps to set us apart from the suppliers that offer crash barriers.

    We have recently completed a large project for the new Crossrail Depot in White City, London. As you can see from the images below, we designed and installed high-quality safety and protection items, which includes crash barriers that were galvanised in our own warehouse, to secure the property which will open with the new Elizabeth line in December 2019.

    No job for us is too big, or too complicated! Contact us today using our online form for a free online quote!

    Armco Barrier in White City
    White City Station
    External Armco Barrier Installation
    Armco Barriers with Handrail

    Deciding on the most appropriate Armco safety barrier to meet your requirements

    Unsure about what kind of Armco barrier system will meet your need? Confused about what type of post is most sutied for your installation? That is why we’re here. Delivering a full life-cycle service, from initial consultation to production and then fitting, we will spend time getting to know exactly what your requirements are, which will enable us to advise on the best course of action. Let us handle the entire process for you!

    Manufactured to British Safety Standards with top of the range machinery, crash barrier that we produce can be done to exact length or thickness, used as single or multiple height barriers, while the legs can include handrails to protect pedestrians and can either be bolted or cast into the ground.

    We offer you a number of armco crash barrier supports, from the RSJ, Z-Type, and Spring Steel Buffers, though due to having our own production centre, we can customise to meet your exact objectives and ensure timely delivery.

    Terminal ends for your Armco barrier

    CT Safety Barriers supply terminal ends to suit every Armco purpose and applications. Should they need to be pedestrian-friendly, we can incorporate armco posts, Pedestrian Ends or Plastic End Caps, powder-coated in any colour. Contact us for further information on the terminal ends we stock.

    We also now supply safety barrier ends as well as Polymer fishtail, Pedestrian ends and Plastic end caps for posts, these are available in both yellow or black.

    Using corner ends allows us to produce crash barriers that change direction and are available in a variety of different angle. These corners are available in 90 & 45 degrees, however, if you need your barriers to go in a different angle, the flexible corners are added to the system.

    Download our Armco Barriers PDF
    "We can't say enough good things regarding this company, their armco crash barrier systems and the business partnership that both businesses entered into." - Geri Murphy

    An Armco crash barrier to address every kind of situation

    Being one of the UK’s leading suppliers & manufacturers of crash barriers and crash barrier attachments, we have developed a wealth of experience to ensure your needs are met every time you place an order. Quick delivery on all crash barrier system items is guaranteed to destinations throughout the UK.

    When it comes to manufacturing the ideal armco barrier system for your solution and to provide the desired protection, we cater for almost all circumstances and applications. The installation of Armco Barriers increases the security within a area. Railings will provide protection to pedestrians, vehicles and buildings from damage that could be caused by a collision or impact. With the crash barriers themselves being galvanised right here in our UK based product facility, they are suitable for a wide range of applications including:

    External Safety With Armco

    Our standard crash barriers are extremely versatile and made from corrugated steel which is a key factor in making sure that each Armco barrier can suitably protect pedestrians in the event of any crash. Typical scenarios include supermarket car parks, Multi-storey car parks, Business car parks and more!

    Whether these are with our steel hoop barrier system, which can line the sides of pavements or car parks segregation which are often used in supermarket parking bays, each of our products serve an effective purpose.

    We even provide manhole safety guard rails which prevents people falling down them, just like we did for the industrial site at Knostrop in Leeds.

    External Armco Barriers
    Internal Armco Barriers

    Internal Safety With Armco

    From industrial zones, warehouses and distribution centres, to offices we make each part of the building safe by identifying any potential risks and installing the necessary safety barriers, handrails and bollards just like we designed for the Cooperative in Motherwell.

    We also stock and install safety aids in the form of wheel guides which help HGV vehicles with their loading speeds, while door height restrictors prevent damage to any lorries. Perfect for industrial scenarios.

    Our on-site Armco crash barrier production facility allows us to design and custom make any safety product required, so if you need any form on internal safety features just get in contact with us using our online form and we’d be happy to help you.

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    How Did the Armco Barrier Originate?

    Not a lot of people know this but ‘Armco’ used to stand for “American Rolling Mill Company” founded in 1900, when a man called George Verity pioneered the barrier steel we see today. The company was borne out of the push for flat steel needed in motor cars. It used to be difficult to mill the steel to a consistent thickness and a consistent quality of steel.

    Verity and his company created a wide sheet mill. But it wasn’t until they bought the Columbia Steel Company that they managed to develop what is now known as the Continuous Wide Hot Strip Mill. From this point on, they could reliably make uniform, high quality rolled steel, and ARMCO barrier became the standard bearer. Armco products went on to be ubiquitous in both motorsport (replacing hay bales in Formula 1!) and on our roads, as the UK implemented its first long-form ARMCO Crash Barrier on the M1 in 1973.