Static Steel Bollards

Static steel metal security bollards

CT Safety Barriers have a huge range of static steel bollards that can be used for any situation. From car parks to industrial parks, this is the inexpensive solution for health and safety needs. Whether bolted down or cast into the ground, our metal bollards add extra protection from moving vehicles, which in turn protects pedestrians and your business from potential accidents.

All our static steel bollards are made to your specifications by us and can be manufactured in varying dimensions depending on what you need. The option to have your bollards galvanised and powder coated (to any RAL colour) is available, adding extra durability and corrosion resistance to ensure a lasting strength and finish.

All of our metal bollards are equipped with the ability to carry chain hooks, should you need it. Why not get in touch with us for more information or browse our full range of security bollards?

Static Steel Bollard Key Benefits


  • The most cost-effective protection.
  • Variety of finishes, inclusive of galvanised and powder coating.
  • Sold Secure Approved.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Suitable for a wide range of environments
  • Quick and easy installation provided.
  • An easy way to add protection to walkways.
  • A deterrent against criminal damage and vehicle theft

Static Metal Bollard Examples

There are many situations both domestic and commercial where bollards can play a helpful role. From controlling and directing traffic in a car park, to preventing vehicles from entering restricted areas such as bike paths or walkways.

You may also want to install steel bollards for your private residence, this is a simple solution to stopping people parking their cars on private property. They also offer easy installation and minimal upkeep. Why not browse our range online and contact us if you have any questions?

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Q – Do you manufacture your own static bollards?

A – Yes! We have grown into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bollards in the UK. We have a purpose-built manufacturing facility situated on the motorway network in Yorkshire, and supply products anywhere within the UK and Europe.

Q – Do you install the static bollards?

 A – Yes. Our fully trained engineers carry out installation works throughout the whole of the UK.

Q – Are your static bollards sold secure?

A – Yes. All our products are sold secure.

Q – What finish should I have?

A – Both the processes of Galvanising and Powder Coating provide an extremely cost-effective means of protecting your bollards against corrosion and general wear such as chipping or fading as they do not require any upkeep or maintenance.

How Do Steel Bollards Work?

Static Steel Bollards are the simplest of our products. They are a fixed metal security post that cannot be moved and have a shallower foundation depth than other telescopic bollards. The posts are either cast into the ground using molten steel or attached by simply bolting it into the ground. 

Static Steel Bollards are best used in conjunction with retractable or removable bollards to allow vehicle access through certain points of the secured perimeter.

Once installed, due to the lack of moving parts, these bollards require very little maintenance. However, cleaning once every 6 months is beneficial as it will help to prolong the powder coating.

Next Steps…

Here at CT Safety Barriers, we strive for the best possible performance and quality in all static bollards we produce in our UK based, purpose built, manufacturing facility. We are an ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company that understands in safety, there is no room for error.

For further information on our static steel bollards contact us today.